The ROI of Responsive Design

By now, the concept of responsive web design is well known, and increasingly perceived as a necessity. Mobile shopping is soaring, with fully a quarter of revenues during the crucial fourth quarter of 2014  derived from mobile devices, a year over year growth rate of 44%.1 And when it comes to browsing,  researching and locating products, mobile is now shoppers’ primary point of contact with brands. Close  to two-thirds of all minutes spent with retail brands now occur on mobile devices – and for a third of  millennials aged 18 to 24, mobile is the sole online touchpoint used for shopping.

Despite tight budgets and skepticism caused by a plethora of hype about mobile initiatives in general, merchants have a strong case when arguing for the necessity of mobile design. Investing in a thorough assessment of the scope, scale and requirements of the project before kickoff can keep overall costs  manageable, or at least foreseeable. And once launched, the gains in mobile commerce performance – as well as the positive ripple effects across the increasingly mobile-centric shopping universe – can  potentially eclipse expenses in short order.  Moreover, merchants who successfully argue their case for  responsive design stand not only to reap immediate ROI, but to build a strong foundation for future agile strategies that successfully engage shoppers and win sales.

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